The master

Lace on the fork: a unique weaving technique that you want to learn

In the hands of a master craftswoman, even a regular plug can become a tool for creating original lace. Just look at how interesting the finished part looks. If you wish, you can use such lace to trim diverse napkins, shawls, scarves, and clothing.

For work, you will need a regular fork, a thin capron thread that can hold a shape and a needle.

For a start we wind the thread around the plug.

Having made a sufficient number of turns, we tie up the winding in the middle, fix it well and remove it from the plug.

Further we work with the preparation reminding the eight. We pay special attention to the sequence of loops.

We find, without breaking the thread, the top of the first loop and tighten the decorative knot on it. We place the second loop half a step relative to the first loop and, keeping the interval, make the same knot on the next loop. Having reached the middle, we move to the second part of the “eight”, maintaining the specified interval.

Having reached the last loop, we do not connect it with the first one, but simply turn over the work.

We supplement the fan with a second row of decorative knots, maintaining the same interval.

The second row is ready. Turning the fan again, go to the last row.

Here the interval will be slightly different. A step of 2 loops here alternates with a step of 1 loop.

As a result, we get an interesting wave.

Having reached the end of the row, we cut and fasten the thread.

More details in the video: