For a holiday

Paper Hazelnuts - Original Packaging for Favorite Sweets

Do you want to please the sweet tooth and at the same time be original? There is nothing easier. One has only to approach the design of a delicious gift with creativity and imagination. Just look at this self-contained packaging. Inside each hazel hidden real candy. To master the technique of making a sweet gift is easy. Time for such work will take a bit, but the result will surely please.

Nuts with a secret: the details of production

For work you will need:

  • round candy;
  • green and brown corrugated paper;
  • sticks or thin twigs;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.

Cut brown paper into strips whose width is slightly larger than its diameter and 3 times as long. This will cover the candy completely. Cut out rectangles from green paper, the height of which slightly exceeds the diameter of the candy, and the length corresponds to the circumference. We twist the brown strip in the middle and place it inside the candy, having previously folded the candy wrapper on one side.

Wrapped candy fix with scotch tape in the place of the stem.

Cut the green paper from one of the edges, and then cheat on the nut.

Putting the nuts together, adding them with leaves and attaching them to the branch is a technical matter.

Sweets do not happen much! If desired, not necessarily limited to one branch.