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A young couple stylishly transformed the kitchen in a rented apartment

It turns out that the repair of the kitchen does not require huge investments and sometimes even the involvement of specialists. A young couple from America told how they could fit in the budget of 680 dollars and completely change the appearance of the kitchen. Of course, it took a lot of time to think things through, buy materials and find some training videos online, because the young people did everything with their own hands, however, the result exceeded their expectations. That was how the room looked like before the renovation - a completely standard bright kitchen without frills, which, according to them, had not seen repairs for more than 20 years:

Young people wanted to make a variety and make something original, beautiful and, preferably, not very expensive. That is why they did the repairs themselves. The couple did not have money for new furniture, but there was a strong desire to update the old one. To do this, they first engaged in peeling doors - they bought and cut a framing frame, glued, clamped, degreased and dried.

After that, they painted the furniture with white enamel, and the kitchen immediately acquired a different look.

Then they went to the apron - planted ceramic tiles on the glue. At the same time set the handle on the door.

After that went to the tabletop. We treated the joint with a wall with a sealant, took polyacrylic paints and, not without the help of training videos on the net, painted a “marble” tabletop.

Installed also LED backlight bought in IKEA.

To complete the renovation of the kitchen, the couple decided to add a little color: replaced the curtain and made the same matching rug.

Here is what the kitchen looks like before and after the renovation: