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5 main nuances that will help grow a ton of strawberries

If strawberry is your favorite berry, then this article is for you. Hand-grown strawberries are tastier and healthier at times than the ones purchased in the store. Do not worry if you have not had experience growing strawberries. The tips listed below will be useful both for beginners and professional summer residents as a reminder.

Order on the bed

For strawberries it is extremely important that there are no weeds and plants around it.

The fact is that thin and fragile strawberry roots react to the smallest damage. Carefully remove the weeds by the root, allowing the strawberries to take up more space on the ground.

Crop varieties

Choose those varieties of strawberries, which give greater yield. This advice, however, is not as obvious as it might seem: newcomers often chase after large strawberries, which can be difficult to grow. Choose, for example, Kimberly, Vima Zanten, Geneva.

Split a bed

Strawberries like when it has its own separate "home". If there is such an opportunity, organize it.

Add fertilizer

Feed strawberries with manure - this organic fertilizer has everything you need to help the bush become strong and fructifying.

Bushes protection

Many residents of the street want to look at strawberries. Protect it from birds and other creatures to keep the bushes intact.