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16 brilliant ways to use vaseline, which few people know

Vaseline can be used not only for cosmetic purposes. Thanks to its useful and effective properties, you can use petroleum jelly in non-standard everyday situations. Today we will talk about 16 brilliant ways to use Vaseline, which few people know.

Apply Vaseline on the face at night, cover with food film. After a couple of hours, remove the film and wash your face. This treatment is effective against acne.

Mix 1 tbsp. l vaseline with 3 tbsp. l magnesium sulphate to make an effective lip scrub

Apply petroleum jelly on the skin along the hairline before coloring the hair to prevent stains.

Get rid of scuffs on leather shoes using Vaseline and a Q-tip.

Apply petroleum jelly on the handles and furniture hinges, so as not to stain them during repairs.

Repair scratched CDs using Vaseline

Use an electric brush and Vaseline to soften the cuticle.

Apply petroleum jelly on earrings to put on jewelry easily and painlessly.

Make the best nourishing lotion of baby oil, vitamin E cream and vaseline

Apply petroleum jelly on the wrist, then drip perfume: it will help the fragrance to hold on to the skin much longer

Apply petroleum jelly on the eyelashes at night with a brush from the old mascara to nourish them and lengthen

Apply petroleum jelly on areas of furniture that you do not want to color accidentally.

Vaseline will help to quickly solve the problem of dead lightning

Vaseline will also help eliminate scratches on the screen of your phone or tablet.

Mix melted vaseline with a dry drink Zuko, Yupi to get a fragrant and beautiful lip gloss

Apply petroleum jelly on the rough skin of the feet, put on your socks and go to bed. In the morning the skin will be much softer.