For the plot

Oven "Rocket". Simple stove in marching style for half an hour

Want to remember youth with hikes and dinner on fire? Make an unusual stove that inspires pleasant memories!

What is required

  • square tube (2 sizes)
  • roulette
  • gon
  • Bulgarian
  • heat resistant paint


The basis of the stove consists of only 3 parts. It is better to use a square tube with a section of 120 mm (100 mm can be, but not less).

Let's start with the chimney detail.
It is necessary to saw off a piece of pipe 400 mm long with a bevel of 45 degrees at one of the ends.

Next, cut off the item called "blow." The length of this detail is 350 mm, on one of the ends there is a bevel under 45 degrees.

The third part, the “loader,” is a similar piece of pipe (with a bevel) but the length of this part is 300 mm.

We fold the parts as shown in the photo and mark the place of contact between the "chimney" and "loader". It is necessary to prepare the opening in the chimney to get the combustion chamber.

Below the marked line we carry out one more with some indent, it is necessary to leave a margin for the joint and the weld. Cut the "window" as shown in the photo below.

After all operations, it is necessary to prepare the edges: remove burrs, clean, make chamfers.

We start welding, we grab at the corners and go through the seam along the entire length.

We clean the seams.

Weld the legs so that the stove does not overturn.

From the plate cut out in the previous step, it is possible to cut the strips and weld them to the top of the "chimney". This will increase the area of ​​support for dishes.

We paint with heat-resistant spray paint.

The stove is ready! You can take it to the street and start a "camping" dinner.

In the video below you can find detailed instructions. Please note that measurements on the video are in inches.