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The architect turned 28 sq. M. m. in an amazing micro-apartment, which has everything for life

Micro-flat is a popular and latest trend in large and crowded cities. Thus, residents find a way to live with less property, while acquiring their own and full-fledged housing. This modern studio in Melbourne was once a non-renovated apartment in a nursing home from the 1950s. A tiny designed house with a total area of ​​28 sq. M. m. equipped with fully equipped kitchen. The layout is open and retains rustic features such as noble brick walls. The apartment is divided into functional and intuitive zones, thanks to which it is not difficult to navigate in space and clean the house.

PHOTO TO: complex, located in the suburbs of Melbourne. It was originally built as a housing for nurses.

PHOTO AFTER: Architect Douglas Van redid the studio, which is only 28 square meters. m., in a multifunctional living space

Architect Douglas Wang (pictured below) said that the decision on layout and interior is based on social housing of the 1920s and 30s, as well as Japanese teahouses.

Housing should be simple, but at the same time functional and convenient - this is exactly what the architect who designed his own micro-apartment thinks. The kitchen had to occupy part of the area, so the architect decided to demolish the low walls in order to create additional free space.

The total area of ​​the kitchen is only 1.8 square meters. m., but, surprisingly, there is everything you need for a comfortable life! With the help of steel beams, an architect can build his own "walls" where he sees fit. This tiny kitchen has a full-size hob, extractor, dishwasher and full-size kitchen cabinets.

The bathroom is lined with beautiful black tiles with a red grout, which gives it an incredibly attractive and exclusive appearance.

The kitchen flows smoothly into the living room, but at the same time the interior of the housing does not suffer at all: the zones are divided logically and comfortably.

With the help of a special lift, the architect freed up storage space for shoes. Good idea for a small space!

The living room, also the bedroom, is also well thought out. If necessary, when guests come to the architect, he takes out a table and pillows with chairs so that everyone is comfortable, and the mattress cleans up under the bed in a specially designated place. Everything is very convenient, logical and simple!

This is the workplace of an architect who works most of the time from home — and does not feel at all constrained by the small space of a micro-apartment:

The apartment is not so much furniture, but the architect believes that filling a small space with plenty of furniture is impractical. It is much more logical to think over in advance where and what will be stored, and also to find ways how to bring it to life without buying extra interior items.

More information about how a micro apartment looks like in real life can be seen in the video below: