Cozy rug in a very simple manual technique

Rugs perfectly complement the living space. At the same time to buy them is not necessary. You can link yourself. A hook or knitting needles will not be required.

For hand weaving any wool, bamboo or cotton is great. Choose the option that you like the most. Depending on the size of the mat will vary the amount of material.

Creation begins with a node called a sliding bowline. To do this, twist the yarn and pass the thread through the resulting loop. Do not overtighten the knot.

The easiest way to weave a rug will be the thumb and forefinger. Insert them into the loop and pull the thread. Make another loop.

Insert your fingers into the third loop and first knot. Thread through the first knot only. There will be two loops on the fingers. Thread the thread through both loops. Repeat this step six times.

Grasp the free end that formed when creating the first knot and tighten it, removing the space in the middle. Place a large pin or marker on the last loop to know where to end the weave.

It will continue only through distant loops. Thread the thread through it, and then through the two loops formed on the fingers. Do two such provings. Repeat this step with each distant loop. A total of 12 loops. When finished, move the marker to the last loop in this row.

The next row is interlaced in the same way with alternating two and one loop. The result will be 18 new provings. Each following row will add 6 new ones.

Layout for 4 rows: 2-1-1-2. 24 loops in total.

Layout for 5 rows 2-1-1-1-2. 30 loops in total.

Layout for 6 rows: 2-1-1-1-1-2. 36 loops in total.

To finish the mat. Pass the thread between the two loops. Tighten the loose end.

Pull it through the side of the next loop and return to the previous one, you get a false braid. Skip the rest between the loops on the wrong side.

Detailed instructions in the video below.