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Dream window sill

Making the windowsill is a fascinating process, because here you can really give free rein to your imagination. Of course, in the classic version, the window sill is decorated with flowers, books or something else small and decorative, that is, used as a shelf. But there are many more non-standard options, which we will discuss further.


If you have a wide and durable window sill, you can make a place of rest out of it by putting a thin mattress or simply throwing on pillows for warmth and softness.

If the window sill does not seem so reliable, you can put a sofa in its place. A pleasant view from the window will add to the attractiveness of this area, and the sconce to add functionality. In any case, from the window sill you get one of the best places to read. The rest of the favorites - in the post "The ideal place to read: 7 ideas."

Instead of a window sill by the window there can be not even a sofa, but a bed. But in our climate this is not the best idea, because in winter even from a good window it is cold.


An ideal place for a desk - by the window. There is a lot of light, and in general it is a pleasure to work. The tabletop can be “extended” with a sill, then the working area will be spacious.

If it is difficult to choose a table for such a tandem, then the tabletop can be made to order, as they did when arranging this studio in Moscow:

Sill Rack

Both the window sill itself and the space under it can be used as storage space. And this is not just a “flower and a book,” but a serious wardrobe. While setting up storage space under the window sill, do not forget to leave the ventilation holes for the battery.

Of course, do not clutter up the windowsill, otherwise the room will receive a little light. But if the walls are wide enough to make a niche with shelves in the window opening, this problem can be avoided.

With narrow walls shelves can be mounted. Let them be very small - each for a single photo or decorative object. So the room will look more interesting, and the light will penetrate into it freely.


Sometimes city dwellers want to grow something: beautiful flowers or greenery for dinner. Sill for this is great. Complete instructions for use in the post "beds on the windowsill".

Sill in the kitchen

A kitchen window sill can bring a lot of benefits if it is combined with a work surface. Many housewives dream of a sink by the window, in which case this idea can be realized.

The window sill can be combined with a dining table, or even be used as a bar counter. This frees up space in a small kitchen. What other types of tables save space, we wrote in the article "Table for a small kitchen."

In the end, on the windowsill, you can save space. This will greatly please pets.