For the House and Cottages

Canned rings - a unique material for creativity

Lovers of beer and other drinks have a unique opportunity to get material for the implementation of a lot of interesting projects. Skeptics will grin, taking such information as a joke. But even they will change their opinion, looking at the results of labor of resourceful folk craftsmen.

With the help of canned rings, you can solve a lot of everyday problems. They will be an excellent alternative to fastening the hinges. Strong, reliable, durable rings able to withstand a lot of weight.

In a small closet with the help of tin rings can hang much more clothes.

And this is part of the stylish packaging.

Only a few canned rings will be needed to create original badges, elements of a panel, key rings or earrings.

Design lamps above all praise.

Canned rings are used to create stylish jewelry and accessories. The options here are different: from bracelets to glamorous handbags.

Coasters for hot dishes - far from the limit.

With enough rings, craftswomen create even clothes.