The easiest way to paint old furniture! It will take a very wide brush.

“It would not be happiness, but misfortune helped” - this principle formed the basis for the invention of one unusual painting technique. Due to problems with the joints, the master did not have the opportunity to wield a fine brush for a long time. Therefore, the idea, which was to paint the old cupboard with multicolored stripes, had to be implemented in a non-standard way. A thick, wide brush came to the rescue.

With this tool you can cover the surface of a dresser or table, making fewer movements.

To repeat this technique, a few drops of water-based paint of different colors are applied to the palette (a piece of old tarpaulin was used here).

The edges of the flat brush is dipped in such a way that each section is saturated with its own color. Shades should harmonize well with each other.

Too much paint should not be used, it should not drip from the brush.

Now you can paint the surface of the furniture, which is desirable to pre-coat the primer.

Press the brush hard enough to mix the colors. We can say that the method is a bit like a dry brush technique, because the paint is applied only on the very edge of the pile and smeared on wood.

For the next wide band, apply paint again. Colors should remain in their places.

This is the beauty that turns out. The remaining surface of the dresser is better to paint one of the colors used. Embossed parts are painted using a dry brush technique with one of the additional shades.

Awesome effect! And it is created much faster than standard bands.