Intricate Decor: Decorate with Sashiko Embroidery

Sashiko - Japanese art of embroidery, which looks very intricate and difficult, but is easy to perform. Master this technique to give uniqueness to any thing. The clothes of the simplest cut will look elegant and very original. Traditionally, embroidery is performed with white threads over blue fabric, so the décor is perfect for denim.

You will need:

  • Long, thin needle with a large eye;
  • cotton threads for embroidery;
  • Scotch;
  • white copy paper;
  • finished pattern of the pattern;
  • thimble

The thread should be folded in two rows so that the seam is noticeable and prominent. Transfer the pattern to the fabric using a white "carbon paper". You can build a pattern directly on the fabric, using chalk for cutting or a pointed piece of soap.

To begin with, we embroider horizontal lines, then vertical ones, followed by other elements. For thin fabrics, use one thread thickness. The ratio of stitch length on the front to the length on the seamy side of the product should be 3: 2. Before ending the line, before tying the knot, make a stock so that the thread does not stretch. Cotton may shrink after washing and the fabric will shrink.

Stocks are left on the seamy side and with each turn of the embroidery. This technique will not allow the fabric to wrinkle. Of great importance is the order of laying stitches in the performance of individual elements. In the diagram, in the top row, the optimal puncture location is displayed. In the bottom row - how to do should not be.

Practice on small pieces of fabric before embarking on decorating clothes.

Sashiko will make the most concise silhouettes more interesting.