Practical grocery bag, and from which it was connected - it is difficult to guess

How many plastic bags are stored in our homes? A joke about a “package bag” would not be so popular if it were not true. If you also have a lot left after shopping in stores, we suggest you get them, take scissors and a hook in your hand and make a very strong, very convenient grocery bag. At first glance it is even difficult to understand that it was knitted from such an unusual yarn!

To begin, fold the bag in half, then again in half, cut off the top and bottom.

Once again we fold the package, cut it in half.

Once again, fold in half, again cut.

Once again. It should be 8 or 16 pieces, depending on the size of the package and the number of rolls.

Now cut the pieces into strips.

Of them we form a yarn with a knot.

We knit the yarn and knit the bag, as usual, crochet.

For details on how to make such a grocery bag, see the video below: