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The miraculous transformation of the board with a flaw in a luminous table

Do not rush to copy boards with cracks or those that are spoiled by bark beetles. If desired, they are easy to make a stylish table that will glow in the dark. The result is so impressive that some people even decide to specifically buy boards with a flaw in order to get a luminous table.

The secret to making a glowing table

Making the table glow is easy. In addition to wood, you will need epoxy resin and fluorescent paint. Having made the necessary measurements we dissolve the board into separate fragments.

We join the boards on the tabletop, sizing the joints.

Now the boards should be well sanded, and then get rid of chips and wood dust.

It is time to dissolve the epoxy resin and mix it with fluorescent paint.

When pouring the resulting solution into the gap, it is necessary to take into account that the wood has good absorption. This will have to be done repeatedly. Epoxy consumption will be significantly less if you tape the back side of the table top and sidewall with tape or parchment.

Give the treated surface to dry completely, then remove the excess resin at the edges and grind the tabletop.

Cover the surface of the tabletop with polyurethane paint in several layers and allow to dry.

We supplement the table legs.

Designer table is ready!

You can also use this technology to make a deliberately carved pattern glow on a tree.